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C & A plans to open 100 new shops in Europe over the next three years

According to the company, its growth plans focus primarily on Romania, Poland and Italy, but the Group also plans to open new stores in Berlin and other regions of Germany.

Shops are also to be opened in Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan and Paris in 2024. The company is focusing on a new shop design concept that gives customers more inspiration when shopping. The transformation of the space also includes omnichannel solutions that make shopping easier.

Carsten Horn, C&A Germany: “We have strengthened the brand and looked at what customers are looking for. They don’t want to move through six floors of masses of clothing, but want to be inspired while shopping and discover new outfits. Less mass on clothes racks, more stage for fashion.”

C&A currently operates 1,300 shops in 17 countries, 400 of which are in Germany. According to the company, two thirds of its stores have already been modernised. The most recent new openings or reopenings were in Hamburg, Heilbronn and Singen.

The openings were also preceded by closures: in 2022 and 2023, locations in smaller towns in particular were closed.