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Reiwag’s Managing Director, Viktor Wagner. Credit: Reiwag

BSS high-tech equipment boosts facility management

A turning point in BSS’s (Building Support Services) evolution occurred in 2015, when it became part of Reiwag Facility Services GmbH, its Vienna based major shareholder. With a new management, the company extended their client portfolio, now managing a total area of more than 3.5 million sq m in approximately 300 buildings.

The company provides a wide range of modern facility management services, including technical and nontechnical facility management, cleaning activities, mandatory-by-law and support services, and property and accounting management. BSS clients include CA Immo, Immofinanz, OMV Petrom, CEZ Romania, BCR Erste, Toyota Romania, Porsche InterAuto, Hornbach Romania, Ahold Delhaize, Kaufland Romania, GTC, and P3 Logistics.

Their motto is “Evolution through innovation” which makes them constantly update and diversify their technical infrastructure, acquiring the newest equipment and technologies.  

Matrix 300 rtk drone

  • The drone is fitted with a 4K Zenmuse camera, able to perform inspections and close captions of equipment and building parts situated in hardly accessible or dangerous locations, also to inspect HVAC, power or fire detection/extinction equipment etc., making these FM operations danger-free for operators

XpertEye Remote Glasses

  • A high-tech optical device connecting on-field remotely operating technicians to desk specialist controllers, in real time. Fitted with a HD mini camera and audio device, it enables facility managers to quickly address any issue, which is then operated by the technicians


  • A smart machine that cleans large areas in office, retail, or logistic spaces.  Highly flexible, with 3D camera, sonar, and multiple sensors, it also has a special ability to communicate in a friendly manner with people around it, “humanizing” the automatic cleaning process. 


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