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credit: BIG Fashion
credit: BIG Fashion

BIG CEE’s Portfolio Of Shopping Centers Now Operates Under 3 Logotypes

Under the three logotypes, retail parks in Serbia are now branded as BIG, shopping malls are branded as BIG Fashion and the only Designer Outlet in the country is branded as BIG Fashion Outlet.

Following BIG CEE’s constant investment in Brand recognition, the company has recently rebranded all retail parks with the new RED logo, as a replacement to the old blue one and an alignment with the corporate red logo which is in use worldwide.

All of BIG CEE’s retail parks are recognizable by unique BIG Totems, which are developed with an idea of being monuments and reminders of the key values on which the company rests: strong foundation, highest quality and durability.

Development of project’s architectural design and construction was very complex and demanding task, which lasted for a full two years. As BIG CEE has finally reached the point of completion of seven new totems in Serbia, the company proudly share this video:

Totems vary in size and reach up to total height of 27,5m, and 40 tons of weight, which provide to the centers additional visibility and reminds visitors how to find the nearest BIG. The malls in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Podgorica, as well as BIG Fashion Outlet Indjija remain with the recognizable black BIG Fashion logo.


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