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credit: boolee
credit: boolee

Austrian start-up Boolee believes that data is more than just numbers – it tells a story

Boolee aims to uncover stories and help companies recognize connections and understand the “why” behind the data.

Boolee is a B2B SaaS solution that enables anyone to analyze data, regardless of time, expertise, or data type. With a modular system that includes various elements and the integration of an LLM that understands natural user input, the start-up sets itself apart from traditional solutions and ensures that anyone can work with data.
What makes Boolee unique is its ability to analyze an enormous amount of data in seconds without creating “hallucinations” and to obtain reproducible results. Unlike BI tools, no special prior knowledge is required, and no lengthy setup is needed – it can be set up by anyone with just a few clicks. BI tools show you what, Boolee shows you why something is happening.

After a demo and onboarding phase, Boolee users can register with their e-mail address via a specially developed web app. After receiving a one-time password, they are taken to the PayWall and can select the right usage plan for them. Registered users are then assigned to an organization where they can manage and administer their team. Data can be intuitively uploaded, synchronized, and analyzed.

credit: boolee
credit: boolee

The promise is the immediate generation of insights that serve as the basis for quick, targeted action and enable the creation of reports with just one click. “Our vision is to enable marketers, among others, to save time and act faster,” says Jasmin Hadrany, CEO of Boolee. The use of data should also go beyond standard interfaces.
Boolee currently focuses primarily on tourism, hotel, and resort marketing as well as B2C retailers in the medium and large company segment.
The start-up was founded in Vienna in September 2023 by Jasmin Hadrany and Rick Warling. The business intelligence solution aims to simplify the time-consuming process of data evaluation and interpretation.

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Jasmin Hadrany (CEO& Co-Founder) and Rick Warling (CTO& Co-Founder)

Credit: Boolee