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Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg and Madeleine Brehmer, CEO of Sabis. Credit: Daniel Roos

Atrium’s Sickla Galleria welcomes Sabis food store

Atrium Ljungberg has signed a lease contract for more than 1,700 sq m with Sabis, which is going to be expanding this spring and will open the new food store ‘Hemköp Sickla’ inside the shopping center Sickla Galleria.

Sabis was founded in 1874 and is based in Stockholm. It now has 20 restaurants, ten cafes, three hotels and five food stores, including Sabis Fältöversten and four Hemköpsbutiker stores. Its new location at Sickla will be at the western entrance to the shopping center, next to Curanten, the new healthcare building, and Sickla Station. It is scheduled to open in September.

“Sickla is such an exciting location, with so much growth planned and a target group that demands the best quality and service. We’re going to create a store measuring 1,700 sq m, which will be filled with the joy of good, inspirational ideas and delicious ready meals,” says Madeleine Brehmer, CEO of Sabis. 

The center has been extended over the past two years, with several new stores opening last autumn, including Normal and Lagerhaus, as well as an XXL store measuring 3,000 sq m. There are plans for a total of 7,000 new workplaces and 1,500 residentials. Development work will be carried out until 2030, when the extension of the underground’s blue line will be complete.

“Sickla is currently going through an expansion phase, with both residentials and offices being built, which means there’s an increasing need for service. We chose Sabis as it is such a smart company on Stockholm’s consumer durables market. A strong family company with a clear entrepreneurial spirit is a perfect addition to the mix we want to offer,” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg.

The lease contract with Sabis is known as a ‘green lease contract’. This means the landlord and tenant agree on joint measures to retain or improve the environmental performance of the premises.

Sickla Galleria. Credit: Atrium