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Bettina Dablemont, Managing Director, and Franck Verschelle, CEO of Advantail. /// credit: Advantail
Bettina Dablemont, Managing Director, and Franck Verschelle, CEO of Advantail. /// credit: Advantail

Advantail achieves the prestigious B Corp certification in recognition of its commitment to sustainability and positive impact

Property manager Advantail has obtained B Corp certification, demonstrating its commitment to responsible business practices, positive social impact, ethical governance, and transparency. It is the first player among commercial property managers to receive this label.

Advantail, a pioneering player in “business for good,” aligns with its purpose: “Promoting reasoned consumption and responsible management of commercial spaces.” Advantail commits to being a “business for good,” aiming to generate beneficial effects on the world while remaining profitable.

Through its practices and teams, Advantail seeks to have a positive and beneficial impact on all its stakeholders: employees, clients, investors, brand partners, as well as communities and our planet.

As part of its 2022-2027 corporate strategy, Advantail invests alongside its employees in environmental, social and local projects that serve its territories. This commitment is certified by various labels: Happy at Work, Biodivercity, and the creation of Advantail labels. Now a certified B Corp, the property manager validates a new milestone in its commitment to virtuous practices.

What is the B Corp certification?

The B Corp, or “Benefit Corporation,” label is awarded to for-profit companies that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental impact. Advantail used the B Impact Assessment tool, a rigorous evaluation of B impact, to assess and improve its business practices. This process resulted in a score of over 80 points (out of 200) according to international standards.

“The B Corp certification reflects our longstanding commitment to a more sustainable future and amore ethical society, while adding value to our clients and partners. As an innovative property manager, this strengthens our leadership in the commercial real estate landscape,” explains Franck Verschelle, CEO of Advantail.

Being part of this global community of companies seeking to create a positive impact on the world fills all Advantail employees who contributed to this certification with pride. “We are proud to initiate this movement among property managers, a movement that will undoubtedly be joined by many players in real estate in the years to come,” adds Bettina Dablemont, Managing Director of Advantail.


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