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credit: ACSP
credit: ACSP

ACSP Congress: Traditional conference with a new twist

It was time, once again, in mid-November, for the annual ACSP Congress. The congress holds a valuable spot in a long tradition, yet much has changed compared to previous years: New topic, new location, new chairman, new, and younger, participants, and a new moderator.

With 160 participants, a record number of spectators have attended the event, which in keeping up with the spirit of modern times, has also been streamed. The selection of the event hall Hefeboden in the Ottakringer Brewery located in Vienna as the event location was a conscious decision to allow the guests to feel around the topic of sustainability much deeper through being surrounded by the ambiance of the old industrial building.

Additionally, the new moderator, Christiane Wassertheurer (ORF), welcomed sustainability specialists onto the stage. Jan von Mallinckrodt opened the event, presenting a sustainability study prepared by Union Investment to the audience and garnishing it with practical examples. Klemens Marx from Viridad condensed the topic particularly in the direction of taxonomy. Maria Hill, from ECE, addressed social sustainability, in addition to the performance analysis of real estate. Christian Hasiewicz from Argentus showed the auditorium how smart ESG data management can work. Sabine Huger from ÖGNI and Gerald Kerbl from TPA showed in a charming double conference how certification and taxonomy can be intertwined. Joaquin Jimenez-Zabala from WISAG told us about his experiences in the field of sustainable shopping and retail centers. Later on, a lively panel discussion followed, enriched by comments from the likes of Jasmin Soravia (ULI-Urban Land Institute) and Peter Czapek (Realinvest).

The event was concluded by futurologist Andreas Steinle with the help of his forecasts and future-oriented ideas about the topic.

Next ACSP Congress
Next ACSP Congress

Also, for next year the date has been set as being 15.11.2023, and the place of the event as the Cupola Hall located in the Technical University of Vienna.


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