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Klaus Striebich

ACROSS Advisory Board – Klaus Striebich will take over the function of “Head of the Board”

Collaboration and thinking outside the box are essential for our business. That is why the ACROSS Advisory Board is unique. With Klaus Striebich as “Head of the Board”, it aims to become the most heard voice within the European placemaking industry.

The ACROSS Advisory Board was created in mid-2016. From day one the board’s declared aim is to offer its expertise in topic formulation. It identifies the challenges the industry is facing as well as emerging trends, opportunities, etc., of the moment.

Over the years, the board has not only grown, but it has also become more interdisciplinary, just like the retail real estate world itself. In addition to shopping center managers, the board also includes architects, retail experts, financial experts, PropTech professionals, consultants, and outlet managers. This mix of expertise from the different areas that our industry has to offer makes the ACROSS Board unique. Not only since the mixed-use asset class has been on the rise, but we all also know that collaboration and thinking outside the box are essential for our business. The ACROSS’s Advisory Board currently has 26 (soon 27) members. All of this gives us the opportunity to be very close to current trends and changes within the industry and to be able to classify them.  

Closer Integration into editorial work

With immediate effect Klaus Striebich will take over the function of “Head of the Board”. Klaus Striebich is a remarkable person, who embodied our industry’s innovative spirit. He is a great communicator as well as a great listener, who is always on the lookout for the latest developments. Together with our Editor-in-Chief, Anne-Kathrin Velten, Klaus Striebich will from now on coordinate the editorial contributions and other activities of the ACROSS Advisory Board to make the board one of the most heard voices within the European placemaking industry. We are happy to look forward to an even more intensive integration of the ACROSS Advisory Board into our editorial work.

For us at ACROSS, it is great pleasure and honour to work with this group of enthusiastic, committed, goal oriented, curious, and like-minded people.

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