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November 7, 2023

WECONSULT is an Istanbul-based consultancy company for the commercial real estate and retail industry, an excellent market expert, and a partner of the ACROSS Study Tour. Ortaç Özortaç, Partner at WECONSULT, explains the Turkish market’s potential and why and how Turkish brands are becoming increasingly popular.

Madame Coco is following an ambitious expansion plan. France, Spain, England, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic are on the company’s list. Cem C. Işık explains the strategy and why the expansion plan includes establishing physical retail stores and integrating e-commerce operations.

Our new playground for the last two years has been Europe, states Serdar Ersoy, the General Manager of DeFacto’s Alternative Sales Channels and Business Development. At the end of 2021, DeFacto opened its first new-generation store in Berlin and has expanded throughout Europe. In this interview, Ersoy explains market challenges, how DeFacto introduced a new-generation franchise model, and why DeFacto is not only a retail but also a tech company.

Following André Maeder’s move to Selfridges in London, three new members were appointed to the Management Board: Michael Peterseim (CEO), Timo Weber as Chief Retail Officer (CRO) and Simone Heift Chief as Merchandising Officer (CMO).