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February 16, 2023

Redevco, SFP Group and SFP UK have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to invest in the UK Build to Rent (BTR) real estate market over the next couple of years. The strategy will focus on repurposing existing underutilised commercial assets that offer the potential for transformative residential-led mixed-use projects that will positively impact local communities.

Over the past few decades, the fashion industry has been characterized by its rapid pace and constant repetition. It was clear to everyone that such a situation would prove unsustainable in the long term. Now, fortunately, awareness has changed in the sense that we are more questions and are more conscious of the things that we buy. Our goal is to live as sustainably as possible in order to achieve balance.

When it comes to shaping the future in a positive way, it is impossible to overstate the influence retailers can have. Retail and shopping centers should become much stronger communicators of a positive consumer vision, especially with regard to sustainability, says Andreas Steinle, CEO and founder of Zukunftsinstitut Workshop. The crisis year of 2023 must be a year in which retailers recapitulate their understanding of their role.