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Credit: G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf
Credit: G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf


For its 10th anniversary, the shopping center located in Gerasdorf is flipping the switches for the future. The center point: improved offers, sustainability, as well as a unique shopping experience.

On account of its 10-year-anniversary, the G3 Shopping Resort is taking numerous future-oriented steps, from which customers, rental partners and the environment will also profit. Anchor tenants such as Primark, Intersport, Müller and Hofer have all extended their contracts for the surface areas they possess. In addition, further established tenants such as Schuhe Gössinger, Turek, Retyred, Nanu-Nana, Vianello and Magenta are switching to new spaces inside the center. The resulting Win-Win situation has simultaneously taken into account the prospective orientation of the rental partners, as well as encouraged the strategic development of the G3 Shopping Resorts. Customers can thus look forward to an even more comprehensive and exciting shopping experience.

G3 is becoming greener

Especially in times of the sustainability boom, G3 shows its sense of responsibility and just how forward-looking it is. Soon will the electricity be environmentally friendly after the installment of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the center. With the help of this environmentally friendly source of electricity, the entire energy requirements of the center such as lighting, escalators and so on will be covered, which will lead to a decrease of additional costs on the side of the rental partners of the center. At the same time, further electrical charging stations for electrical cars and e-bikes have been created. So goes the energy revolution!

Reconstruction and an enormous investment

The newly planned sport project in G3 can undoubtedly be filed under the category of “unparalleled shopping experiences”, which is constituted by a 5,000 sq m Indoor Sport Retail Area and a 3,000 sq m Outdoor Sports Area. As an addition to this project, among other things, the Entrance A will be revamped in order to create space for new shopping concepts which will match perfectly with the general concept of the one-of-a-kind project.

About the G3 Shopping Resort

The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf near Vienna is a shopping center with a feel-good character. The G3 Shopping Resort opened its doors to the public in 2012 and has captivated customers with its wonderful architecture which invites everyone to shop and relax in over 1300 shops. The G3 presents a large array of offers in the areas of fashion, electronic, beauty, lifestyle, gastronomy and garden ornaments and furniture. Customers can take advantage of 4,000 free parking spaces directly situated next to the building.

More information about the G3 Shopping Resort can be found on their website, Facebook, Instagram, their free-of-charge G3-App for iPhone and Android, or register for their newsletter to keep up-to-date.