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Credit: Żabka Polska

Żabka will donate over €1 million to fight the coronavirus

The management board of Żabka Polska, the owner of the largest chain of convenience stores in Central and Eastern Europe, decided to transfer over €1 million for activities addressing the epidemiological threat. The company sent an official letter to the Prime Minister and declared full support in ensuring the safety of all Polish citizens.

“We’ve been following the activities of of the Polish government in the face of the epidemic threat with appreciation and attention. The safety and health of all Polish citizens is a priority for all of us. We are convinced that we need to act together to effectively deal with the current emergency. We are aware of the important role currently played by the state administration – we appreciate the engagement of healthcare professionals, ministries, and the units they supervise. For this reason, as acompany, we decided to financially support the institutions that play a strategic role in solving the problems that concern us all”, said Tomasz Suchański, president of Żabka Polska.

Faced with the development of COVID-19, Żabka introduced a number of solutions for its franchisees, store staff, as well as employees in offices and logistics centers to increase their security and prevent the virus from spreading. The stores have shorter opening hours, franchisees received disinfectants and gloves, plexiglass dividers have been installed to separate cashiers from customers. Franchisees can also specify the number of shoppers that can be present in their stores at any given time. The hygiene regime in logistics centers was increased. 

“Thanks to the responsibility and commitment of over 4.5 thousand franchisees, employees of stores, logistics centers, and offices, we were able to quickly implement the changes recommended by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and other institutions appointed for this purpose in these challenging conditions. I would like to thank everyone for working together so that we can continue to provide customers with their daily shopping”, added president Suchański. 


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