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Credit: B&P Bergmannpartners

X²O takes more bathroom to Germany

B&P Bergmannpartners commissioned with expansion.

The Belgian bathroom equipment retailer X²O continues to expand. In the Netherlands, the concept has already shown that it is successful. Now German homeowners and home builders are also to get more comfort, more inspiration – in short: more bathroom. 

The carefully compiled range includes the right bathroom equipment for every taste and budget. From freestanding bathtubs to designer faucets in rose gold, X²O turns your own bathroom into a temple of wellness. Depending on the customer’s wishes, ready-configured sample bathrooms or a free choice between well-known and exclusive brands are available. The focus is always on service, competence and quality. Since its start in 2005, the company now runs its own web store and 33 showrooms in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Based on its success story to date, the company is now venturing into German bathrooms. X²O is supported in this by B&P Bergmannpartners, who are exclusively responsible for expansion management. The real estate consultancy with offices in Hamburg and Düsseldorf has shown with the successful expansion of a Swedish retailer for home accessories that growth in retail is possible despite the corona pandemic. Thomas Bergmann, senior partner at B&P, also sees good opportunities for X²O: “The trend that has existed for several years of upgrading one’s own four walls to a place of retreat and well-being is being positively reinforced by the crisis. For X²O, this is the perfect breeding ground for a successful start. X²O has come a long way so far and has come through the crisis in a very stable manner. We see the fact that there are no middlemen as a key success factor. The products are largely produced in-house and passed on directly to the end consumers. High quality at a low price.”

The focus of the expansion is on North Rhine-Westphalia. B&P partner Georg Ludwig Eisenhauer in Düsseldorf will be responsible for the launch of X²O in this region. Areas between 1,500 and 1,800 square meters offer sufficient space to present the average of 75 sample bathrooms per showroom.