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Passage Corridor. Credit: Westbridge

Westbridge renews the energy supply for the shopping centre “Passage Corridor“ in Veenendaal

Westbridge Advisory International AG has restructured the electricity and natural gas supply contracts for the Dutch shopping centre “Passage Corridor” in Veenendaal on behalf of an international real estate investor at the end of March 2020.

The operating cost specialist succeeded in saving the owner more thanEUR 11’000 over the next 30 months from the start of supply on May 1, 2020. The 31 electricity and 19 natural gas supply points in the shopping centre consume an aggregated annual amount of around two gigawatt hours.

“At the client’s request, we have changed the invoicing for all electricity and natural gas supply points from separate invoices to a single collective invoice. This enabled us to reduce the monthly administrative workload and associated costs for the client significantly”, says Hajo Engelke, Managing Director at Westbridge International. “Furthermore, we replaced the “Piek-” and “Dal” prices, which are common in the Netherlands, by a constant price per kilowatt hour and thus established a much simpler cost structure over the entire contract duration until the end of 2022.”

Westbridge already optimised the energy procurement for a large number of logistics and office buildings in the Netherlands. The contract in Veenendaal adds the asset class retail to the operating cost specialist’s track record.