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Credit: Robert Fritz

Well-preserved Designer Fashion Items Can Be Exchanged at SES Shopping Centers for “Zehner” Gift Certificates

Trend toward Second-hand Fashion Has Become Increasingly Popular.

This fall, customers will be able to trade in second-hand, well-preserved, contemporary designer clothing at nine selected SES shopping centers in Austria. The equivalent value of clothing items, shoes, bags, and accessories will be immediately credited in the form of “Zehner” gift certificates. Reverse Retail, a German company that operates the Buddy & Selly purchasing platform, is the cooperation partner. SES shopping centers act as stationary marketplaces. As such, SES has not only filled a niche in the Austrian retail sector, but it has also simultaneously addressed the growing trend toward the purchase of second-hand fashion items across the country.

The call for increased sustainability has also grown louder in the fashion industry. In September and October, second-hand designer fashion items can be exchanged for Zehner gift certificates at nine SES malls, in cooperation with the Buddy & Selly purchasing platform. Those gift certificates can then be redeemed at 13 shopping destinations across Austria for new apparel, for other items, or at restaurants and cafés, thereby directly benefiting sales at brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

Shopping Centers As Marketplaces
“The exchange of items has always been extremely popular with consumers. That is the very essence of what retail is all about. We see our centers as marketplaces. To date, we have also generated enthusiasm via the various swap meets that are hosted at our malls – from flea markets for toys to bicycle exchanges and Panini sticker trading opportunities. Our latest collaboration marks the first time that we have incorporated this idea into the fashion sector, while simultaneously creating a new service for our customers. Buddy & Selly, a platform specifically for the re-use of fashion items, is in line with our understanding of sustainability in practice. Consumers are open to such a service. This is an important step in the right direction,” says Christoph Andexlinger, COO of SES Spar European Shopping Centers, describing the strategy as well as the advantages for all involved parties.

First Purchasing Opportunities at SES Shopping Centers from Vorarlberg to Vienna
Buddy & Selly purchasing events are due to take place, for the first time in Austria, at nine SES shopping centers, nearly nationwide: in Vorarlberg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Graz, and Vienna.

Only the Top Locations Chosen for the Purchasing Events
Buddy & Selly only selects premium locations for the purchase of designer goods. Previous cooperation references include clothing stores and branches of well-known department stores in Germany, such as Breuninger, KaDeWe Berlin, Engelhorn Mannheim, Oberpollinger Munich, Alsterhaus Hamburg, Sagmeister Vorarlberg, and Steffl Vienna.

“We consider shopping centers such as those operated by SES to be among the premier locations. They are of a particularly high quality – in terms of appearance as well as brand and shop mix. As a result, we see very high potential here when it comes to the acquisition of new Buddy & Selly customers. We are very excited about our exclusive cooperation with SES in the Austrian shopping center sector,” says Marcus Schönhart, CEO Reverse Retail, Hamburg.

Zero Risks and Many Advantages for Customers: Minimal Effort, Additional Closet Space, and Immediate Payout upon Purchase
Purchasing events that take place at the centers last one to two days and are held at specific times. Customers can make personal appointments to quickly and easily sell their second-hand designer fashion items directly to the experts of Buddy & Selly, a Hamburg-based direct buyer of second-hand designer clothing. The value of the goods is assessed directly on site, and the equivalent value is paid out in Zehner gift certificates. Purchases are concluded between Buddy & Selly and the customers.

Buddy & Selly Purchasing Conditions
Items purchased include men’s and women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories produced by certain labels, in accordance with the Buddy & Selly brand register (, from A for Adidas to Z for Zadig & Voltaire. Items to be exchanged are inspected for quality prior to being purchased. Clothing must be in a clean, well-kept condition. The original condition of the item is also of great importance to Buddy & Selly: Items must not have been altered or shortened.


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