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Walter Seib is the CEO of HMSHost and a Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. Credit: HMS Host International.

Walter Seib the new chairman of the FoodService Institute Netherlands

Walter Seib will become chairman of the FoodService Institute Netherlands (FSIN), taking over the chairman’s hammer from Paul Bringmann at the organisation’s annual conference in Amsterdam.

Over the past six years, Paul, founder of ‘La Place’, grew the FSIN from more than 100 companies to its current position as an association of 200 companies. Uniquely organised with a board of nine industry-based policy makers, the knowledge institute looks forward to the enhanced international experience that Walter will bring to its members.

The FSIN has two tasks. On one hand, the organisation follows the composition of the market share in the industry and maps where, how and when the consumer spends their euros on food. On the other hand, in a scientifically responsible manner they predict the developments of the coming years, and what opportunities and threats these entail.

Jan-Willem Grievink, director of the FoodService Institute Netherlands: “As successor to Paul Bringmann, the FSIN board has decided to ask for an even more internationally oriented, highly experienced, top executive of a food service company to lead the board. And we are very happy that Walter Seib has agreed to take on that role. In his rich international management experience as CEO of HMSHost International, Walter has proven to have a special nose for future developments in the various food sectors. Knowing what is going on and also being able to switch at the right time and manner is the core of Walter’s profile. Moreover, Walter knows how to connect people and companies and he is able to inspire an entire sector with his charm and humour. As FSIN, we therefore look forward to growing under the chairmanship in the new decade into the platform where all knowledge about the future of the broad food service sectors is bundled. ”

Walter Seib, CEO of HMSHost International: “We are at the start of 2020. A year that has been positioned in films and books for decades as an announcement of futuristic changes in our way of life. In the meantime, we drive in automatic cars, eat in restaurants that are served by robots, pay with our telephones and use 3D printers to, for example, build boats in actual size. Could we have comprehended that ten years ago? And what will 2030 bring us? I would like to discuss this question together with members of FSIN, and explore how we can best respond to this as an association and as an industry. As the incoming new chairman, I am looking forward to contributing to this. ”