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“Kinder Joy of moving Park” is the result of a partnership between Vicolungo Municipality, Soremartec - a company of the Italian multinational confectionery group Ferrero - and Neptune - the joint venture between NEINVER and Nuveen Real Estate. Image: Neinver

Vicolungo The Style Outlets: grand opening ceremony of “Kinder Joy of moving Park”

NEINVER, a leading European outlet operator, has announced the opening of the “Kinder Joy of moving Park” at Vicolungo The Style Outlets: the outlet centre near Milan, Italy, owned by Neptune (a joint venture between NEINVER and Nuveen Real Estate).

The park, which features a unique 1,700 sq m play area for children aged 5 to 12, is the result of a partnership between Vicolungo Municipality, Soremartec (Ferrero Group) and Neptune.

“Kinder Joy of moving Park” is a recreational and motor skills development playground, created five years ago for the European Expo 2015 exhibition in Milan, and whose concept has been re-established today at Vicolungo The Style Outlets. The park will welcome visitors free of charge and follows the principles of the “Joy of moving” programme – the Ferrero Group’s international project aimed at promoting physical activity and an active lifestyle among children and their families in an easy, engaging and joyful way.

“Kinder Joy of moving Park” debuted today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, said “I have had the opportunity to follow the development of the Joy of moving programme since its inception. I am happy that today – thanks to the spirit of public–private collaboration that our country needs at a time like this – it has become the only park of its kind in Italy, a source of pride for the area.”

Marzia Vicenzi, Mayor of Vicolungo, describes the project as a “driving force that promotes education and provides a fun place for all the children who come to the outlet centre with their families. A unique space of great social value that further increases and strengthens Vicolungo’s appeal.”


“Kinder Joy of moving Park” features 8 recreational and motor skills machines, developed by the Industrial Engineering department at Federico II University of Naples, in which children are involved in experiences that stimulate the development and search for exciting and engaging solutions. The park, which can be accessed free of charge, provides children with opportunity to acquire or improve a range of skills while having fun.

In a colourful, joyful environment, a set of unique, innovative games exercise their motor skills and other functions. A path including a climb of over 5 meters with 4 walls and other climbing obstacles, to teach children the value of determination; an area to practice surfing where you can understand the importance of control and stability; a free jump station to test one’s courage, birds where even a little effort can be enough to move the wings, a rotating mushroom for the most adventurous, and many other attractions, hosted for the first time in a European outlet centre.

“At the heart of the project is a unique educational approach,” explained Professor Caterina Pesce, creator of the Joy of moving method. “In fact, we use play as a starting point to bring children closer to sport, aiming at a global vision based on motor play. The method is in fact designed to involve every facet of a growing child, synergistically developing the four pillars of the Joy of moving method: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive function and life skills to increase their autonomy and the ability to face the challenges of everyday life.”

Bartolomeo Salomone, President of Ferrero, added, “Kinder Joy of moving is an International Social Responsibility project of the FERRERO Group that currently involves 4.4 million children in 34 countries, created to naturally get children and families involved in physical activity and sport in a non-aggressive but engaging and joyful way. Its approach looks to the future, to the development of children and their social skills, based on play and the joy of moving.”

The playground is located near the main square, recently renovated following the restyling of the entire Vicolungo The Style Outlets centre over the past year. The new area is also home to Vico Junior, an indoor play area managed by NEINVER for younger children and their families, with an adjoining nursery and childcare service.

Carlos González, Managing Director of NEINVER, explained, “This agreement is part of our centres’ strategy and growth. In addition to the excellent commercial offer, the new children’s play area is just one way in which we have enhanced the shopping experience for the more than 4 million visitors we receive every year, including many families. We are sure that a park like the one created in collaboration with Ferrero Group will also reinforce the centre’s positioning as a landmark destination.”

Vicolungo The Style Outlets features 150 boutiques of premium international and Italian brands in 34,200 sq m of GLA and welcomes 4 million shoppers every year. Since its opening in 2004, the centre has expanded twice and remodelled to evolve over the years in line with its growing success.


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