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Credit: Coniq

VIA Outlets extends Coniq partnership with winning digital customer loyalty program

To strengthen its position as Europe’s leading operator of premium outlet shopping destinations, VIA Outlets has chosen to renew and expand its partnership with Coniq as the sole provider of customer engagement and loyalty software and services that run across its entire portfolio.

VIA Outlets has witnessed significant business growth in recent years including an increase of 8.4% and 6.1% in brand sales and footfall, respectively, in 2019, by using Coniq’s Total Customer Engagement Platform to better understand customers, anticipate their behaviour and engage them with personalised communications.

“Working with Coniq has enabled us to place customers at the heart of our organisation” said Marc Mangold, Director of CRM, Digital & Media at VIA Outlets.  “Coniq is a strategic partner of VIA Outlets, providing both a technology platform and deep loyalty expertise to help design and run the hugely successful Fashion Club. The data from this allows VIA Outlets to truly know and interact with our customers in a personalised way that leaves a lasting, positive experience.” 

In recognition of the need to deliver personalised customer experiences across multiple physical and digital channels, VIA Outlets selected Coniq and its IQ platform in 2017. Within a year of launching the Fashion Club, the spend of members was on average 35% higher than non-members. Today, the Fashion Club has grown to have over 400,000 active members across 9 countries, and is now being used as a springboard to power VIA Outlets’ recovery from the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

“At Coniq, we believe shopping centres and brands need a simpler, faster way to succeed with customers” said Ben Chesser, CEO, Coniq. “We are excited to help VIA Outlets define the future of personalised shopping experiences, and look forward to delivering even more innovations and business value through our Total Customer Engagement platform.”

Using the power of customer insights gleaned from the Coniq IQ platform, VIA Outlets were able to analyse trading patterns to safely reopen centres and to communicate with their local community of shoppers with personalised engagement strategies based on their individual preferences.

This year, Coniq will expand its real-time engagement platform capabilities, giving VIA Outlets access to market leading innovations such as real-time location tracking, advanced segmentation, dynamic message content and enhanced customer-centric incentives to transform the shopping experience. 

“VIA Outlets is an exciting company to work with because its executives are visionary, unafraid of challenging the status quo so customers have an engaging, entertaining, and memorable experience that results in high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales” said Helen Cahill, Chief Success Officer, Coniq.