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Credit: MPC

UŠĆE shopping center introduces its smart city parking station

UŠĆE Shopping Center is the first shopping center in the Balkans with a “Bikeep” parking station for electric bicycles and scooters, directly benefitting the preservation of the environment.

Thanks to this technological innovation, all visitors who use the aforementioned ecological means of transport now have safe, free, and easily accessible parking. Using this eco-station within the shopping center is very simple – it is unlocked via an application, and users also have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles. This is especially important, because there is a growing trend of eco-vehicles which are used in the country, and it is already estimated that there are more than 200,000 electric scooters, and significantly more electric bicycles.

The project was realized in cooperation with the eco start-up company “Park 011” and the brand “Bikeep” is an example of the applied “smart city” concept that brings technological innovations to urban areas, forming part of the ecosystem of smart solutions in which each of the participants contributes to preserving the environment and reducing pollution.

Responsibility towards the community and environmental protection becomes reality through the application of smart tech solutions contributing to the development of the ecological, social and economic aspects.