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Westgate has recently undergone a major rehaul, with extensive development. Credit: Westgate

Two new additions to the Westgate Shopping City

The fashion brand Calliope as well as Aurora Jewelry & Watches Stores recently opened their doors at the mall in Zagreb.

The newly introduced 600 sq m space in Westgate Shopping City is the second Calliope store in the Zagreb area and the first one inside a shopping center. The store offers fashion for women, men, and kids. Denis Cupic, the Head of Asset Management of Westgate, commented, “We’re glad to become the first mall in Croatia with Calliope in its portfolio. We are constantly searching for new retailers that are interesting additions to our tenant mix. We already have a strong fashion offer, interior and kid’s shops, as well as leisure facilities. So, we are basically inviting all the retailers to pitch us, whatever they are specialized in.“ Calliope has stores in more than 20 countries, including Italy, Russia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, and the Czech Republic. Their stores are located either on high streets or in shopping centers, and average store sizes range between 500 and 750 sq m. Despite the pandemic, this was sixth opening at our mall in Zagreb since May, and we have three other signed contracts for shops that will be launched in the upcoming weeks. 

Also, Aurora Jewelry & Watches, a new brand from the widely known family of jewelers Petecin, recently launched their first shop at Zagreb’s Westgate. The 100 sq m shop offers custom-made jewelry made of metal, silver and gold, popular fashion brand’s watches, and jewelry made of amber. The Petecin family has been in the jewelry business for almost 30 years. They are known for silver and gold jewelry, and Aurora is their second brand at Westgate Shopping City.