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F.l.t.r.: Barbara Horatz, Partner of TORG International, Deepak Kumar Sharma, President & CEO of Village Groupe, Vinay Shenoy, Co-founder and Director of Village Groupe. Credit: TORG International | Village Groupe

TORG International joins forces with Village Groupe to enter Indian outlet retail space

TORG International has signed a joint venture with Village Groupe to enter the Indian outlet market with a portfolio of a dozen sites.

TORG International, a growing group of international outlet experts, and New Delhi-based Village Groupe, a real-estate startup with multiple assets under development next to India’s major cities, have joined forces to create new retail and entertainment destinations in India. 

Deepak Kumar Sharma, President & CEO of Village Groupe says: “Whilst anyone with money can build a mall, not everyone can operate it profitably; and outlet malls are altogether a different ball game. We are delighted that in TORG International we have found a group of professionals to help us develop world class outlet centers. We Indians love a bargain and we are convinced that outlets have a great future over here.”

Vinay Shenoy, Co-founder and Director of Village Groupe explains design thinking and the utility of a new and current retail space: “We have envisioned the Village Outlet as an expansive space giving the Indian consumer the trifecta of value retail, experiential dining and branded entertainment. The space will work at different times of day or the week for different types of consumers–the Boomers, Gen X-ers, the Millenials and the Gen Z-ers. Everyone will have a reason to visit a Village Outlet at some point, and it wouldn’t be just for a bargain.”

Barbara Horatz, Partner of TORG International concludes: “I have been coming to India for the last 20 years and I have always been convinced that outlets would do well in this country of close to 1.4 billion people. We feel that now, in the post-Covid era, the time has finally come to pave the way for next generation type of outlets in India.”


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