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Credit: Fiba Commercial Properties
Credit: Fiba Commercial Properties


The Inegol Shopping Mall, an investment of Fiba Commercial Properties (Fiba CP), took home the European Property Awards grand prize in the categories of “Retail Development” and “Retail Architecture” within the scope of its renovation projects while its Transformation Story Project carried out during this period was awarded the gold medal by the Association of Marketing Communications Professionals in the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

Fiba CP CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman has stated that they have received the grand prize, considered as one of the most prestigious awards of the sector, on behalf of all Fiba CP employees who contributed to the project, saying: “We dreamed of an exemplary project not only from an architectural standpoint, but also from a social aspect and we successfully brought this to life.”

As one of the best examples of the international experience of Fiba CP`s architectural team in renewal, expansion, development, and renovation, they have conducted the renovation process of the Inegol Shopping Mall whilst not losing speed in their shopping mall operations to eventually successfully complete them on the scheduled date despite the global difficulties faced in recent years. At the same time, this has shown the success and quality of their Rental and Asset Management service which has been provided domestically and internationally.

“The Corporate Social Responsibility” award also goes to the Inegol Shopping Mall

In addition to the European Property Awards grand prize, the Inegol Shopping Mall received a gold medal in the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility” at the MarCom Awards held in the USA with its Transformation Story Project, which is realised during the renovation. Within the scope of the Transformation Story project, wooden blocks weighing approximately two tonnes were removed from the ceiling as a part of the renovation project and were transformed by being put back into use inside the shopping center. Eight benches were built with the wooden blocks weighäng a total of 1000 kg and thus, the number of areas where visitors could rest in the common areas within the mall was increased.

A playground was also created in the Inegol Mall by using completely natural products with approximately 300 kg of wood sent for recycling. Inegol Shopping Mall, which cleaned the 300 kilograms of leftover wood and put it aside to use in the future, saved a total of 80 trees from being cut down through the recycling efforts it carried out.


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