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Credit: The Style Outlets

The Style Outlets participates in Milan’s art event “WePlanet – 100 globes for a sustainable future”

One of the two large ‘globe-mailbox’ created exclusively for Vicolungo and Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets, is now on display until 7 November in the famous Milan’s Piazza Duomo, after being exhibited for 4 months at the outlet centres.

The art work, commissioned to the Turin artist Nicolò Canova, who has always been sensitive to issues of respect for the environment and sustainability, was finalised and installed in both The Style Outlets centres last April, in the context of the International Earth Day. Entitled “Our future in our hands”, the work aims to raise awareness on the need to contribute to a sustainable planet. The planet Earth is shown partially covered by a grey veil, representing all the pollution, but the veil is torn away by a hand, symbolising the hand of each person. And underneath the grey, a lively planet earth appears, still full of life and colour. Moreover, the globe has been transformed into a large letterbox, ready to receive input and, above all, visions and advice for a better future, under the claim of respect and sustainability.

The WePlanet Association’s project ” 100 globi per un futuro sostenibile” (100 globes for a sustainable future) is an open-air exhibition of 100 globes – created by 100 artists – installed in the main streets and squares of Milan, supported by local companies and foundations and sponsored by the City of Milan, the Lombardy Region and the Environment Ministry. This extensive art event aims to raise awareness on sustainable development issues, including the importance of sustaining Life on land and under water, the migration of people, clean and accessible energy, “zero hunger” and the circular economy. All these objectives were set in the UN 2030 Agenda.

The 100 Globes, once the event is over, will be part of a charity auction organized by Sotheby’s. The proceeds will be donated to Forestami, the Association “Parco Segantini ONLUS”, Niguarda Hospital, the “Umberto Veronesi” Foundation and the “Arca Foundation ONLUS” which works in the interests of the poor in areas of assistance and integration.

Finally, the other globe, twin to the one installed in Piazza Duomo, will remain at Vicolungo The Style Outlets.