Nathalie Depetro, Director of Mapic. Credit: Mapic
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The return to Cannes is planned for 2021

This year’s Mapic will take place in the digital realm. Entitled "Embracing collaborative retail: ready to change the rules?" its conference program has been adapted to fit our new reality, says Director Nathalie Depetro.

ACROSS: What can participants look forward to at this year’s digital Mapic? 

NATHALIE DEPETRO: The decision to transform Mapic and LeisurUp into a digital event was a natural consequence of the global health situation and international travel restrictions. We draw on the digital experiences of Midem, Mipcom and Mipim Connect to optimize our tools and provide our community with an exceptional digital platform. Three elements have been developed: Firstly, the improvement of the online database which is now more friendly and much more segmented to allow detailed matchmaking. Secondly, high-level conferences live-streamed November 17 and 18, 2020, exclusive recorded conferences available from November 2, 2020, and all replays available for two months, until December 31, 2020. Thirdly, exclusive content ranging from international studies, market research and industry insights

ACROSS: How can people participate in/join the event? (live/on demand)

DEPETRO: Everyone can join the event. All registered participants to Mapic and LeisurUp 2020 will automatically have access to the Mapic Digital platform from November 2, 2020. These clients should receive their login and password by email beginning of November. All the other professionals who wish to join the community on Mapic Digital, can register directly on our website

ACROSS: What are the highlights of this year’s program?

DEPETRO: Entitled “Embracing collaborative retail: ready to change the rules?” the Mapic conference program has been adapted to fit our new reality. It will focus on collaboration, the creation of new business models, sustainability, leisure, data sharing and all elements redefining the urban and retail landscape, with a move towards less proprietary attitudes and more sharing and working together for a common goal. Mapic Digital will field a compact conference program featuring CEO and senior executives from all sectors of the retail real estate industry. They include Fabrice Bansay (CEO of Apsys)Matthijs Storm (CEO of Wereldhave), Joanna Fisher, Managing Director Center Management, Member of the Board ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG), Roberto Zoia (President of CNCC Italy), and Ian Sandford (Director of Eurofund Group).

ACROSS: What are your plans for Mapic 2021? Everything back to normal (if possible) or more like this year?

DEPETRO: Organizing Mapic in 2021 in Cannes will take into account the latest health and safety regulations that are in place in France and internationally. As soon as the sanitary conditions allow it, we will reorganize physical events because nothing can replace physical meetings. However, we have seen an opportunity to change the way we work all year long and to become an omnichannel event like everyone else in the industry. Therefore, we want to offer digital services all year long that will transform Mapic in a 360 phygital platform of networking & content.

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