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Credit: Heidi Kriz // Daniel Willinger Photography
Credit: Heidi Kriz // Daniel Willinger Photography

Shopping and Food Experience @ The Nine Streets, Amsterdam

The Nine Streets is Amsterdam’s trendy area, made up of nine narrow, picturesque streets, which captures the hearts of visitors with the unique charm of its authentic surroundings and special product mix.

Retail Column by Heidemarie Kriz, Point of Sale Doctor and Retail Architect (KRIZH, POSitive Affairs)

Here, you will find trendy designer brands, pop-up stores, second-hand stores, galleries, hotels, and museums. The stylish, social media-focused cafés, bars, snack bars, and restaurants are a perfect place to linger. It is a remarkable and unique area in the “Venice of the North”!

The Nine Streets

The three times three small shopping streets and four canals comprise around 250 individual opportunities for memorable experiences to discover extraordinary things. The Negen Straatjes, as they are called in Dutch, include Wijde-Heisteeg, Huidenstraat, Runstraat, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Gasthuismolensteeg, Hartenstraat, and Reestraat. The unique thing about this area is that many of the buildings date back to the 17th century – if you look closely, you can discover all the architectural styles of the past centuries. It is a pleasure to stroll through these streets; it is no coincidence that this area is a World Heritage Site. There are several hotels along the canals; art lovers will find the Huis Marseille Photography Museum and the Museum of the Canals nearby.

A wonderful part of Amsterdam to stroll through

Everyone will find something to suit their price range here, from designer labels to vintage stores, from ethnic brands to tech goods, from cosmetic products and antiques to 3D-printed items – the product range is extensive. As you stroll through, you can sense the hip flair; unsurprisingly, brands such as Essentiel, Diptyque, Aesop, and Freitag have long been established and contribute to this. To get an overview, you could spend whole days browsing through all the contemporary stores and the small, timeless jewelry boxes with their respective ranges. Even after 400 years, this district still pays homage to the past because it is authentic and home to many artisan businesses. Nevertheless, the modern spirit is infinitely good for the area!

Waiting in line

The long queues are pretty conspicuous. Whether at the chip shop or the patisserie, waiting times of up to two hours are accepted here without hesitation to get hold of the food and then enjoy it. As all these impressions also make a little rest necessary in between, you can relax on the small metal chairs and benches in front of the cafés and snack bars and unwind for a while. In between, countless cyclists pass by – you don’t see many cars here.

My tip: Discover new areas away from the main tourist trails, let yourself drift, and be ready for whatever comes your way – walking through cities with open eyes and being interested brings special surprises every time! In addition to its tourist attractions, every city has charming side attractions filled with experiences worth discovering. The example of the Nine Streets shows how an assortment of old and new, as well as crafts and technology, can create a creative, authentic mix for everyone. The focus here is on something other than the usual big brands – predominantly retailers with vision and passion that can be found in such secondary locations. Such districts are a gift for cities and an excellent opportunity to highlight the city’s USP and bring it closer to visitors in an exciting way.

Shopping & Food Experience
Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets)
Wijde-Heisteeg – Huidenstraat – Runstraat – Berenstraat – Wolvenstraat – Oude Spiegelstraat – Gasthuismolensteeg – Hartenstraat – Reestraat
The Netherlands

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In this monthly retail column, retail architect Heidemarie Kriz shares with us her Retail Shop Tip and lets us know her thoughts and expertise regarding her experiences visiting some of the latest and most innovative shops. Heidemarie Kriz has been an architect and shop designer for more than 25 years. For decades, she has held senior positions with major brands across Europe, but she has also worked as a freelance concept designer, an architect, and a consultant specialising in shops, furniture design, customer and purchasing behavior, and visual merchandising. Kriz and her team of experts specialise in retail concepts, analysis, and holistic advice in the retail sector. In addition, she also writes retail-specific topics in the editorial team of ACROSS Magazine.



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