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Galerija Belgrade. Credit: Galerija Belgrade

The exhibition of painter Velimir Ilišević opened in Galerija Belgrade

The exhibition of painter Velimir Ilišević entitled „Striking roots“ is opened in the gallery space LAG within Galerija Belgrade. The series of paintings is a summary of Ilišević’s reflections on painting, while the choice of motifs symbolizes development and indicates his future achievements.

The Painter Velimir Ilišević lives and works in Switzerland and Berlin, and his paintings have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and institutions around the world. At the exhibition in Galerija Belgrade, visitors can enjoy his artworks created over the past few months, which were to be premiered in Berlin.

As Ilišević himself explained, since last May he has spent his time painting in the yard of the house in Veliko Planičište, near Prijedor, where he comes from, and almost not noticing the reduction caused by the pandemic. He believes that by daily work and observing what is in our immediate vicinity, the imagination creates countless works of art, transforming what is seen into layered and mysterious presentations.

The exhibition „Striking roots“ premiered in Prijedor, while in Belgrade it will be open until April 30th in the LAG Gallery, next to the Entrance 3 in Galerija Belgrade.