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Market activity

The subdued consumer sentiment is also evident in the footwear market, where the gap between private consumer spending and spending on shoes is widening as consumer prices rise. In 2023, total sales of shoes reached a market volume of 9.6 billion euros, which corresponds to growth of 3.8% in the previous year. These and other findings were published in the new „Branchenbericht Schuhe 2024“ (“Shoes 2024 Industry Report”) by IFH Köln in collaboration with BBE Handelsberatung.

The Czech retail market once again proved its appeal to retail brands, with 38 new arrivals last year. That is the same figure as in 2021 when the influx of 38 new brands was partly the result of the postponement of some entries due to the pandemic. These numbers represent a roughly 50% increase compared to 2019 (22 brands) and 2020 (25 brands).