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In its Q1 period, Inditex´s net profit rose 11% to 1.3 billion euros, in line with analysts’ average forecast, and despite a slight slowdown in sales.

The subdued consumer sentiment is also evident in the footwear market, where the gap between private consumer spending and spending on shoes is widening as consumer prices rise. In 2023, total sales of shoes reached a market volume of 9.6 billion euros, which corresponds to growth of 3.8% in the previous year. These and other findings were published in the new „Branchenbericht Schuhe 2024“ (“Shoes 2024 Industry Report”) by IFH Köln in collaboration with BBE Handelsberatung.

IMMOFINANZ has expanded its high-yield and fully rented retail portfolio in the 2022 financial year. As a result of acquisitions and completions, the portfolio has grown from 111 to 169 locations in ten European countries over the course of the year, with a carrying amount of approximately EUR 2.3 billion (excluding S IMMO). Rentable space increased by nearly 30% to approximately 1.36 million sq m.