expert opinion

“In terms of energy management, technological applications will become a critical success factor when it comes to using lighting, cooling, and air conditioning efficiently and in a customer-oriented way,” states Silvio W. Kirchmair, CEO of umdasch The Store Makers and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.

“While fear and worry try to constrict us, it should be courage that allows us to open up to new possibilities, that drives us and enables us to come up with new ideas and approaches”, states Thomas Mark, President of MK Illumination and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.

“We believe in making the most of unused and underutilized spaces, ensuring that they can benefit and strengthen the entire fabric of the estate”, states Otto Ambagtsheer, CEO of VIA Outlets and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.

“My recommendation is to seize any opportunity to take the next steps in digital evolution. For the placemaking industry, it is a transformation and not a situation where digital is outcompeting physical as many other industries have experienced”, states Peter Tonstad, CEO of Placewise Group and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.

“The opportunities lie in the direct and sensual engagement of the customers, guests, and visitors via multifunctional spaces which do not just serve one particular purpose, but moreover offer a colorful range of themes, topics, and experiences related to the brand itself or beyond,” states Jonathan A. Calverley, Head of Retail Leasing at Art-Invest Real Estate Management.

“The revitalization of shopping centers, retail parks, and our city centers will become increasingly important. For many locations and properties, new retail and mixed-use concepts offer significant potential for enhancement”, states Angelus Bernreuther, Head of Investor Relationship Management at Kaufland.

“The forecast calls, such as a crystal ball reading, for bold personas that are willing to set a clear strategy and implement it even through stormy waters”, states Denis Cupic, Managing Partner at Redserve and F.O./Group.

“In physical placemaking, an attractive, active, well-functioning public or privately owned space can stimulate economic development in a community, from a small rural town to a city”, states Gregory Fonseca, Director of Architecture at BDP and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.

“The greatest opportunities we should focus on are those that provide an Educational, as well as an Experiential component to them. Both these “E’s” are the foundational pieces on which to build real value”, states Chris Igwe, Global Retail Expert and President of Chris Igwe International and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board.