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Supernova Celebrates in the Slovenian Capital

Following an investment in the amount of 70 million euros, Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik has entered a new phase of development, becoming one of the largest shopping centers in Slovenia. The completion of all work is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.

On July 20, 2020, the retail real estate sector in the Slovenian capital had reason to celebrate: Aleja shopping center in Ljubljana-Šiška was opened. On September 9, the Supernova Group celebrated the laying of the foundation stone in front of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik, marking the beginning of a new development phase – the phase of expansion and complete modernization of the existing shopping center. The construction of a joint parking garage, in cooperation with E. Leclerc, also began at the same time.

The ceremony, which marked the commencement of construction, was attended by, among others, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Počivalšek, the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, the Founder of Supernova Group, Frank Philipp Albert, the Founder of MTK Group, a partner company of Supernova Group, Tilmar Hansen, and the Ambassador of France to Slovenia, Florence Ferrari.

New Railway Station Nearby

During his ceremonial speech, Albert explained that by extending the existing shopping center and building a new parking garage, together with E. Leclerc, they intended to become the most modern shopping area in Slovenia: “After years of coordination with our neighbor E. Leclerc, we have finally joined forces. We are in the process of building the largest parking garage in Slovenia, which will provide more than 1,800 parking spaces for visitors. Once the work on the parking garage is completed, we plan to start renovating the center. When all the work is completed, Supernova will rank first in terms of the number of stores. We will have the most modern cinema in Slovenia, numerous restaurants. as well as new retail brands. With regard to our investment, we have received support from both the city and the state authorities. The total investment for the expansion is expected to amount to 70 million euros. I would also like to thank Slovenian Railways, which is due to open a new station nearby for even better connections.”

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Počivalšek, welcomed the major investment: “I am pleased that the investors in the Supernova project have recognized the opportunities that our country offers. Today’s event is, among other things, a sign that despite the current situation, which was caused by a pandemic, new investments can and must continue. At the same time, this is the moment to look for new opportunities and mechanisms to revive the economy.” He also emphasized the importance of the project for the Slovenian economy: “The fact that you are planning to employ 800 people when the new part of the center opens is very encouraging, both in terms of the growth and development of your shopping center and in terms of employment and job creation – particularly during this post-pandemic period. I would like to thank the investors for their important contribution to the development of Ljubljana, to increasing the quality of life of the local population, and for their visible contribution to the development of the Slovenian economy.”

Creation of 800 New Jobs

The total value of the investment for the 20,000-square-meter expansion of Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik amounts to some 70 million euros, and the opening of the new part of the center will create 800 new jobs. The contractor in charge of the project is Strabag. The newly built area of the facility will be fully integrated into the existing center. The total sales area of this unique shopping concept will cover 50,000 square meters, and the entire building will be located on 65,000 sq m of land.

Credit: Supernova

After the refurbishment, Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik will be one of the largest and most modern shopping centers in Slovenia. With an additional 60 stores spread over two floors, it will count a total of 130 stores, including well-known local and international brands. The expansion project will be carried out in several construction phases. First, work will begin on the construction of a parking garage, and then the expansion of the Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping center will continue. The semi-open parking garage will be built next to the part of the existing parking lot between Supernova and E. Leclerc, and there will also be a new parking lot on the roof of the existing center and its expanded section. The parking lot, which will have 1,800 parking spaces, as previously stated, will be distributed over four floors and will be built according to the latest environmental and safety standards, with internal and external lighting and a so-called green facade. The construction works for the common parking garage, which will provide direct access for visitors of both shopping centers, began in mid-July. Completion of the first construction phase of the parking garage is scheduled for the end of November 2020, at which time that part of the parking garage will also be open to visitors, and the final construction of the parking garage is planned for March 2021.

The updating and renovation of the interior and exterior areas of the existing mall, the expansion of the center, and the construction of a parking lot on the roof of the mall are also planned for March 2021. During the construction works, a sufficient number of parking spaces will be available for visitors of both centers. Upon completion, the entire complex will include more than 2,500 parking spaces. The opening of the new Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik concept is planned for the second quarter of 2022. The concept will include a rich shopping offer and various services and activities, such as an outdoor children’s playground, a jump park, a cinema equipped with seven screens, and a food court called Gastro Oasis. With its contemporary interior design solution, the modernized shopping center will offer visitors a customized and relaxed shopping experience.

About Supernova Group

Supernova Group is an international company based in Graz (Austria) that is focused on the development and management of commercial real estate in Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. In addition to the key markets mentioned above, it is also active in Germany, Slovakia, and Romania. The Group’s current portfolio consists of 74 properties (and seven undeveloped sites) and has a gross asset value of 1.4 billion euros. Supernova entered the Slovenian market in 2002 via the development of two DIY stores and two shopping centers in Ljubljana and Koper. In 2008, Supernova sold a significant part of its Slovenian portfolio to Pramerica and opened the Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik shopping center. In 2019, the Group achieved a leading retail position in the Slovenian market in terms of the number of shopping centers and total leasable area.

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