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MK Illumination
Credit: MK Illumination

Special light art at the shops at Crystals

The Shops at Crystals, a luxury mall in Las Vegas, wanted to celebrate spring with a unique centerpiece: Giant lilies that open up, play music and sparkle with light.

Working with MK Illumination and LedsArt, the center launched a worldwide competition that invited designers to submit their creative ideas for the theme “The Art of Spring”. The winning entry submitted by artist and designer Danny X was entitled “(e)motion activated spring”, and featured a display of lilies that combined design, light, music and motion.

Artisans in MK Illumination’s MK Themed Attractions division in the Philippines turned the winning design into a combined fiberglass and light sculpture and in May, the completed artwork was installed in the heart of the mall.

The dimensions were huge, with one display measuring 4.6m x 3.9m and the other 2.6m x 3.2m. One of the flowers contained a trigger that caused music to play and the petals of the flower to open and close when activated. Over 7,000 living flowers were planted around the lilies, adding a natural touch that complemented the artwork and contributed to the spring-like atmosphere at The Shops at Crystals.

“We were incredibly pleased with the result. Visitors stopped and stared at the display and their surprise and pleasure when the lily’s petals opened and the music began was a sight to see: instant emotion, followed by photos and sharing. It was unlike any other light experience out there and was a perfect fit for The Shops at Crystals because it was custom-designed to fit their space,” said Thomas Eisner, the managing director of MK Illumination Hong Kong who managed the collaboration with LedsArt.

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