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Special Issue “Retail Parks: Everybody’s Darling?”

This online special will be available as a free download until October 31.

Dear Reader,

It gives me great pleasure to present to you today the latest edition of our popular online specials.

This time, we have deliberately chosen the exciting topic of “Retail Parks”. This is a segment of the retail real estate sector that fascinates me very much at the moment.

For one thing, this sector is currently more dynamic than any other. There are developments, expansions, extensions, sales, and purchases going on – it’s just wonderful to all that happening.

And on the other hand, it has become apparent that retail parks in particular have been more resistant to the pandemic than other retail asset classes – reason enough for us to do an in-depth interview with MEC‘s management. By the way, MEC is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. And you will also find many more, hopefully interesting news from the retail park sector in this special.

I hope you enjoy reading our latest, informative issue.

Yours sincerely

Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher ACROSS Magazine

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