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Special Issue “Come Back Smarter”

Is the covid-19 crisis making the placemaking industry smarter and how covid-19 is changing the more nimble? What international industry experts have to say about it.

I am particularly pleased to present to you today our latest ACROSS Online Special. It is entitled “Come Back Smarter”, which is to become the program for our reporting over the next few months.

After all, Covid-19 has hit the international placemaking and retail real estate industry hard. Many processes and business areas that were successful in the past have become old and less successful within a short period of time. Traditional concepts are being put to the test. Change is in the air. Despite all the tragedy and all the losses of recent months: change is fundamentally not a negative thing. And if change helps to make our industry fitter and smarter in the future, I personally have nothing against it. In this online special, we have compiled a series of articles, opinions, figures, data, and facts that are intended to show precisely this path toward greater “smartness”. 

I hope you enjoy reading our informative online special. And if you want to give me any feedback please send me an e-mail:

Yours sincerely

Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher ACROSS Magazine

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