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Special Issue “… and yet it moves!”

This online special will be available as a free download until June 30.

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to present our latest ONLINE SPECIAL. And I am also proud to report that this new digital magazine format has established itself very well and is enjoying great popularity. It should be noted that our ONLINE SPECIALS are published in addition to the well-known print magazines.

Retail is and remains an important cornerstone of the placemaking industry. For years, and not just since “Corona”, this asset class has been undergoing a permanent and necessary process of renewal. This process is now taking place at an accelerated pace, supported by many good approaches and implemented by innovative industry professionals. Therefore I believe that the clumsy, unqualified, sweeping “Retail Bashing”, as it is currently unfortunately all too often perceptible, is certainly out of place right now!  We have compiled a wide range of very exciting new openings and developments for you here. With this compilation of projects across Europe, we want to send a clear signal that the European placemaking industry is most certainlyprogressing and developing at a consistent pace.

I am also very proud to be able to present the latest edition of the Global Retail Attractiveness Index in this issue. We created this now highly recognized international industry index together with Union Investment and GfK.

I hope you enjoy reading the latest edition of our summery and exciting ONLINE SPECIAL.

Yours sincerely

Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher ACROSS Magazine

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