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Credit: Etele Plaza

SPAR with the latest concept opens in Etele Plaza this September

Etele Plaza scheduled to open in September at Etele Square in Újbuda, Hungary, will further expand its portfolio with a well-known and popular store. On the ground floor of Buda’s largest shopping centre, a SPAR supermarket, designed according to the highest demands and the latest concept, will be waiting for the tens of thousands of shoppers expected to visit the building every day.

SPAR’s more than 1,100 sq m of sales area is built according to the store chain’s latest supermarket concept, so it fits well to the new generation look of Etele Plaza. Due to sustainability reasons, energy efficient LED lighting system will be added to the sales area, the refrigeration technology will be environmentally friendly, carbon-based, and all refrigerators will receive insulated doors.

At the store entrance, SPAR to Go will offer a wide selection of locally prepared hot dishes, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Upon entering the store, shoppers will find a market-class vegetable department and a modern bakery section, complete with amenities and a SPAR enjoy. refrigerator filled with ready-to-go-meals. The supermarket will also be suitable for shopping spree due to its wide aisles, large interior and clear layout. In addition to traditional payment options, self-service checkouts will help reduce queuing time.

“In addition to the plaza’s visitors, our store wants to serve those living in the area or working in the office buildings of the district,” said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communications at SPAR Hungary, 

The Etele Plaza has been developed by Futureal with a strong focus on environmental awareness. The shopping and entertainment centre located in the largest multimodal transport hub in Budapest, has already obtained the Breeam Very Good certification in the planning phase, which represents one of the highest levels of sustainability, and the green areas of the complex will be designed accordingly. In line with the Breeam certification, special attention is paid to ensuring easy accessibility, minimizing light pollution as well as direct environmental impact, incorporating durable materials and promoting waste reuse.

“When creating Etele Plaza, we focused on providing our tenants with the highest quality and service. We are in the final development phase of the complex, and we are already very much looking forward to introducing Hungary’s first smart plaza to the public soon,” said Márk Balástyai, Project Director of Etele Plaza.