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Credit: MK Illumination

Some like it hot: MK Illumination’s brand new summer concepts promise a sparkling summer

The market leader in festive lighting and decoration unveils colorful, creative décor designed to inject joy into the summer shopping experience.

Summer 2021 is all set to be an unforgettable few months, especially with the gradual rollout of Coronavirus vaccines and the much-anticipated return to normality. With that in mind, MK Illumination has launched a range of decorative summer motifs designed to fill indoor and outdoor spaces with colour, fun, and good vibes.

“We all deserve a good summer,” said Thomas Mark, President of MK Illumination. “By using our designs, we believe that retailers can contribute to what we believe is going to be a remarkable summer.”

Shopping centers, malls, and retailers of all sizes can choose from a wide range of designs and colours, ranging from daytime delights like African wildlife and over-sized sunflowers to light-filled motifs that encourage footfall day and night.

“From years of experience of working with festive lighting and decoration, we know that centers that have a feel-good atmosphere have increased footfall, longer stays, and happier shoppers,” said Mark. “We want to help retailers harness the power of this ‘atmosphere creation’ and benefit shoppers, workers, and the retailers themselves.”

The summer range, which was launched at the end of January 2021, has been well-received by the retail sector and shoppers worldwide can expect some unique summer experiences as a result. 

“The digital world is incredible, but we’re all craving analog experiences after months of being stuck at home and glued to our screens,” said Mark. “Our creative concepts are tactile, full of color, and they work as focal points that draw the eye and give people a break.”

Endlessly flexible, the decorative motifs can form part of a center campaign, bring local history to life, celebrate cultural events, or be used as stand-alone features to be enjoyed by all ages.Centers who want to be bold, stand out from the crowd and create something special for their community this summer can request a brochure by getting in touch with the team at