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Hygiene Station from umdasch. Credit: umdasch

Smart all-in-one solution against Corona: Hygiene Station from umdasch

Retailers in Austria are opening their doors again with caution and under strict conditions. umdasch has developed an intelligent solution for all industries and public areas, which enables contactless disinfection as well as automatic access management.

The Hygiene Station combines all obligatory measures for shops: disinfectant, cloth and mask dispensers. Retailers can choose from four models – from the Light version to the Hygiene Station Pro with optional integrated technology (digital signage and access control). This enables shops and brands of all sizes and budgets the hygiene-management of their space. However, the Hygiene Station was not designed exclusively for use in retail: its use in schools, railway stations, restaurants and all other public places as well as in offices and any commercial enterprise is conceivable and sensible.

Sustainable operation

The consequences of Corona and corresponding measures will be our companions for a long time to come. In order to comply with the current requirements – ten square metres of space and one metre distance per person as well as the obligation to wear masks – many retailers are resorting to temporary solutions with a lot of manpower. The umdasch Hygiene Station helps to relieve employees and automatically takes over hygiene management. This self-service function fulfils the basic need of customers for safety – with optically appealing stations that can be used for long-term use. The continuous refill of high-quality disinfectant above the norm is guaranteed.

Optional customer flowmanagement

In addition to the umdasch Hygiene Station, an access management solution is offered. The number of customers is recorded via cameras, a screen controls the flow of customers with a traffic light system. The system can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the umdasch Hygiene Station Pro. The umdasch Hygiene Station thus offers the perfect solution for all areas that are frequented by many people and helps to further reduce the transmission of the virus.