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Credit: AG Real Estate

Skysun expands solar presence in the AG Real Estate portfolio

After a fruitful collaboration that began in 2018 on the Brussels II warehouses in Anderlecht, AG Real Estate and Brussels start-up Skysun have decided to extend their partnership to the Office & Retail activities of the real estate subsidiary of AG Insurance.

Almost 1,000 solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the City2 shopping centre and nearly 500 on the AG Insurance headquarters, also located in the city centre. The panels are designed to generate more than 430 MWh each year, equivalent to the average annual consumption of 215 average households. 

A win³ partnership

This project is very much in the interests of all the stakeholders. Skysun is financing all the panels and their installation together with the long-term maintenance. The buildings concerned consume 100% of the green electricity generated. 

This financial model brings everyone’s interests into alignment: Skysun’s profitability is linked to the energy savings of AG Real Estate. By properly maintaining the panels, Skysun optimises their use and reduces the ecological impact. The latest investments made will save no less than 109 tons of CO2 annually.

The property owner, the planet and Skysun are all winners. Win-Win-Win.  “Our third-party investment services allow property owners to earn money from the unused areas of their property. For example, money can be made from roof space but also from car parks using photovoltaic carports. Going through Skysun means enjoying all the benefits of solar energy and its positive impacts, both ecological and economic, without having to bear the investment and management costs,” says Léopold Coppieters, co-founder and manager of Skysun. 

Decisive action based on deep convictions

We are deploying this programme in a crosscutting and transparent manner across our various businesses and based on specific themes in order to expand our projects.  “Our sustainable development policy responds to the need to establish a declaration of commitments and action to redefine the city of tomorrow. These tangible and measurable actions are to be assessed on an annual basis and implemented using operational procedures,” confirms Amaury de Crombrugghe, Chief Investment Officer Retail, Office & Warehouse AG Real Estate.