SIGNA Sports United forges a strategic alliance with digital innovation leaders

SIGNA Sports United is forging a strategic alliance with digital innovation leaders soccerwatch.TV and TRACKTICS with the objective of providing digitalization support to clubs in amateur and popular sports. The use of cutting-edge technologies provides teams, clubs, club members, and fans fantastic benefits in important areas such as game analysis, club management, content marketing, streaming, and much more.

The use of digital technologies in popular sports remains associated with large investments that clubs often find difficult to make. SIGNA Sports United is now undertaking a part of this investment in technology for athletic clubs. Starting immediately, OUTFITTER, a subsidiary, is offering its club customers with basic equipment-contracts a fully automated, AI-based camera system that allows recording of activity at the game for live reporting, social media content production, and expanded, customized game and data analysis.

SIGNA Sports United thus creates the unique and individual opportunity to digitize the world of sports and club life at all relevant interfaces.

“The success of SIGNA Sports United is based on being more than just an online retailer: we are partners of and a platform for athletes, clubs, fans, associations, and other athletic interests. We inform, inspire, advise, and network athletic communities with the clear aspiration of refining the entire sport ecosystem digitally,” says Stephan Zoll, CEO of SIGNA Sports United.

Maximilian Albert, OUTFITTER’s Managing Director, adds, “This offer is unique, exclusive, and a trend-setting demonstration of solidarity in the interest of the many popular sports clubs. Players and clubs are the clear winners because our equipment contracts include free access to innovative technologies starting immediately, ensuring professional conditions in amateur sports.”

Benjamin Bruder, CEO of TRACKTICKS GmbH, says, “TRACKTICS and SIGNA Sports United support clubs in analysing and developing the full potentials of their teams. This allows the objective performance data to be used for targeted training planning, further increasing motivation for both players and coaches.”

“SIGNA Sports United networks innovative technology companies such as soccerwatch.TV with amateur and popular sports clubs so that everyone grows and benefits from one another. That is truly unique and promotes athletics as a whole,” adds Jan Taube, CEO of soccerwatch.TV.

SIGNA Sports United is in advanced negotiations with other innovative technology companies with the aim of continuing to aggressively expand its digitalization offerings as Europe’s leading platform and partner for athletes, clubs, fans, associations, and others interested in sports.

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