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credit: SES
credit: SES

SES Spar European Shopping Centers continues to invest in its own power generation

SES is setting up an additional large-scale photovoltaic installation on the roof of the shopping center “MARIANDL” in Krems. This marks the third large-scale photovoltaic system for SES-Centers.

The SES-operated shopping center MARIANDL located in Krems, Lower Austria, now generates its own environmentally friendly solar power. The 266-kWp photovoltaic rooftop installation includes 700 solar panels and will produces approximately 267,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity per year for its own use and reduces CO2 emissions by 64 tons. The center will be able to use around 85 % of the solar power generated and feed the excess energy into the public grid.

SES is committed to sustainable construction and environmentally friendly and resource-saving operations for all of its properties. To that end, SES has adopted a clear energy policy and has made substantial investments in the use of environmentally friendly energy at its shopping destinations. The particular focus has been placed on the increased use of photovoltaics, with the objective of installing photovoltaic systems on 50% of available roof surfaces of its shopping centers by 2050, which includes all roof areas that are not used as parking decks, terraces, or leisure hotspots. Since 2018, SES has operated a system on the roof of MURPARK Graz. In 2020 WEBERZEILE, situated in the city center of Ried, became the second SES center with a photovoltaic system.