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Christoph Andexlinger, together with federal minister Leonore Gewessler and Alexander Klacska, chairman of the federal transport and traffic division of the Austrian federal economic chamber. Credit: Stephan Rökl

SES Receives Award from the Federal Ministry

At the end of August, Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler presented awards to exemplary “klimaaktiv mobil Project Partners” in Vienna. SES Spar European Shopping Centers was recognized for its installation of e-charging stations at shopping centers located throughout Austria. In addition to the current 126 charging stations, SES intends to install an additional 21 charging points over the course of the next few months. At EUROPARK Salzburg alone, for example, the existing 12 charging stations will be increased to 18 by 2022 to meet growing demand.

“We have been investing in the installation of e-charging stations in the parking areas of our shopping centers for years, and we use 100 percent green electricity that is generated by renewable energy sources – just as we do for all electricity consumption within our Austrian malls. We are extremely honored to have been named a ‘klimaaktiv mobil Project Partner’,” commented SES COO and EUROPARK Managing Director Christoph Andexlinger, who accepted the award from the government official.

SES is also strongly committed to environmental issues relating to public transportation. As a result, the EUROPARK Salzburg and MURPARK Graz shopping centers each have their own city train connections, while MURPARK also features a tram station. EUROPARK is also connected to the local public transport system via seven bus lines and two city train lines. Dedicated bike paths connect most of the SES centers to the national bike path network that exists throughout Austria.            

About klimaaktiv mobil
The “klimaaktiv mobil Partner” honorees come from all over Austria. The certificates were ceremoniously presented by Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler during the awards event in Vienna. Thanks to the climate protection measures that have been implemented, all of the partners have made significant, positive contributions to clean mobility for the whole of Austria.

klimaaktiv mobil is the BMK’s climate protection initiative in the mobility sector. The primary objective is to drive environmentally friendly and health-promoting mobility. Climate-friendly mobility management, cycling and walking, alternative drive systems (e.g., electric mobility), renewable energy in the transport sector, and innovative public transport services are all actively promoted.klimaaktiv mobil is committed to the implementation of the ambitious targets of the Austrian government program to achieve climate neutrality by 2040 and, as such, supports the National Climate and Energy Plan (NEKP).


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