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Credit: Thomas Steinlechner

SES: Modern underground parking garage in Innsbruck completed

SILLPARK Underground Parking Garage Shines in Its New Splendor.

Following a construction period of two years and an investment volume of more than EUR 13 million, the general overhaul of the 3-story underground parking garage at SES shopping center SILLPARK Innsbruck has been completed. The project was comprised of a complete redesign, an upgrade to state-of-the-art technology, and the installation of 10 e-filling stations. The conversion of the lighting to the latest LED technology will reduce the consumption of energy, which is supplied by the company’s own power plant, by more than half. The bright and appealingly designed garage is now the most modern downtown parking garage in the city. Both the parking garage and the stairways were planned by the Hybner architectural firm and were designed by Salzburg artist and graphic designer Christian Steinwender.

The large-scale refurbishment of the SILLPARK parking garage, which was built in the early 1990s, began in November 2018. The renovation was carried out in six construction phases during ongoing operations. “Our goal is to elevate the shopping experience of our customers to a new level by offering the most modern, brightest, and most beautiful underground parking garage in Innsbruck. It is important to us that our customers arrive at SILLPARK in a convenient, safe, and relaxed manner. In cooperation with the professionals and partners that we commissioned, we did everything possible to create an underground parking garage that has a feel-good atmosphere, and we are more than satisfied with the result,” raved Center Manager Markus Siedl.

Optimal Technological Solutions Implemented

Safety was of the utmost importance throughout the refurbishment. The application of non-slip coating on the parking and driving surfaces as well as the installation of ramp heating, one of the most modern carbon monoxide warning systems, and a comprehensive and driver-friendly drainage system were included. The addition of an extra ramp now guarantees the smooth and rapid movement of vehicles over all three floors.

The clear, bright, and friendly design was planned by the Innsbruck-based architectural office Hybner. All technical equipment was brought up to the latest standards and now fulfills the highest quality requirements. The installation of a new parking guidance system, equipped with a new parking space display, reliably and quickly guides visitors to the nearest available parking space. A new way-finding system helps visitors to orientate themselves with ease. It was designed by Studio Steinwender, which is located in Salzburg. The design of the parking garage and its foyers at SILLPARK is geared toward intuitively guiding customers to the stairways of the shopping center. The modular pattern of the underground parking garage is impressive in its optical clarity and simplicity. The appealing nature and optimal radiance of the reflector foil is used in combination with the new LED light sources.

Sustainable e-mobility and Energy Savings through LED Technology

The issue of sustainability also played a major role in the project. Ten electric charging points were installed in the third underground level of the garage. In cooperation with Innsbruck’s municipal services, they are now available to customers during the opening hours of SILLPARK. In addition, the use of the latest LED lighting technology has reduced the energy consumption of the underground parking garage by more than half. The underground parking garage is powered by the center’s in-house power plant.

Sophisticated Construction Management and Forward-looking Communication

Over the course of the six construction phases, each of which lasted three months, care was taken to ensure that as few restrictions as possible were placed on visitors, thereby minimizing the disruption to their stay. For example, no construction work was carried out during the pre-Christmas period, and work requiring the use of heavy equipment was shifted to the night hours. Unavoidable changes were communicated to customers as smoothly and transparently as possible by means of a graphic guidance system that was created specifically for that purpose.

Now that construction has been completed, visitors can look forward to a gem that is in a class of its own, perfectly complementing the shopping experience at SIILLPARK. Visitors can now benefit from 1.5 hours of free parking inside Innsbruck’s most modern underground parking garage – just in time for Christmas.


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