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The spacious donor area in the Graz Citypark Plasma Center can care for over 250 donors a day. Credit: BioLife

SES focuses on multifunctional use at shopping locations

CITYPARK Graz, Austria to offer modern plasma donor center.

Shopping alone is not enough: SES has been focusing on multifunctional retail real estate for years. Health and medical services are playing an increasingly important role in the new generation of shopping malls. With its integrated health center, the Austrian CITYPARK Graz mall, managed by SES, has been translating this into reality for years now. Following a two-month renovation phase, the modernized BioLife plasma donor center recently reopened for business.

From retail to urban meeting zones, high-end gastronomy, offices, entertainment and hotel, SES has been focusing on mixed use real estate for years now. In doing so, the shopping center operator works in close consultation with the cities and local communities being served. As a result, the product responds perfectly to regional features and the requirements of each different location, so benefiting local residents. The company’s years of experience of developing such multifunctional spaces feed into its current projects.

“In future, too, we shall be attaching great importance to designing urban spaces which blend perfectly with their environment. We create meeting points where people can find everything they need in life: from everyday necessities through to gastronomy, shopping, leisure, and work and service facilities. At times such as these in particular, the spotlight is very much back on the issue of health. We’re concentrating on continuously optimizing the offer for our customers, and aligning it with trend topics”, said Christoph Andexlinger, Chief Operations Officer at SES Spar European Shopping Centers.

CITYPARK Graz: putting people’s health needs center-stage

CITYPARK in Graz has placed particular emphasis on the issue of health for years, making it a pioneer in this field when it comes to the development of multifunctional shopping centers in Austria. The health center integrated into CITYPARK offers a diverse range of doctors and therapists, and includes a consultation point, midwifery center and the recently modernized BioLife plasma center. Now, following a two-month renovation phase, the donor center is shining with an impressive new look. With more than 320 m2 of floor space, the center can treat more than 250 donors every day. For further details of the range of health services being offered at the CITYPARK Graz, click on:

Multifunctional offer at SES centers

It’s not just the issue of health that is being factored in at SES centers, however. Back in 2007, the company opened Q19 in Vienna, a shopping center which brings together commercial spaces, offices, childcare and services under one roof, so upgrading the entire area. Multifunctional centers also include leisure facilities, together with art and culture. Salzburg’s EUROPARK, for instance, with its OVAL art and culture stage, was already breaking new ground in this field some 15 years ago. The ALEJA shopping center in Ljubljana stands for this multifunctional approach par excellence: as well as offering a high-quality food court, the center’s roof has been extended to create a sports and experience zone. In the tourism region of Lienz in East Tyrol, a town center mall is currently being planned with an adjoining hotel.