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Credit: Schwarz Group

Schwarz Group’s Sustainability Strategy is expanding

The Schwarz Group is actively driving the energy revolution as part of its group-wide sustainability strategy: 100 percent renewable energy, 5,000 photovoltaic installations.

Since the beginning of the 2022 financial year, the global group of companies has been sourcing its electricity entirely* from renewable sources. It is also significantly expanding its own electricity generation through photovoltaic systems. By the financial year of 2025, around 3,700 new photovoltaic systems will be installed at Schwarz Group buildings – more than 1,600 of them in Germany. This will bring the number of photovoltaic systems operated by the group to 5,000, with a total capacity of around 700,000 kWp (kilowatt peak).

The group’s own electricity generation through renewable energy amounted to around 130 million kilowatt hours in 2020. This is an increase of 63 % compared to the previous year. The self-generated electricity could supply more than 30,000 households. In terms of space, the Schwarz Group’s photovoltaic systems cover around 1 million sq m (as of 2020). This corresponds to around 140 football fields – and represents an increase of around 260,000 sq m compared to the previous year.

*Except for procurement contracts that the Schwarz Group cannot influence, such as for individual leased properties with electricity procurement commitments


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