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credit: Scallier
credit: Scallier

Scallier: in the last three months, contracts have been signed for the rent of over 6,200 sq m.

Pepco, KiK, Sportisimo, Penti, Elmark and Super Zoo are tenants who have signed contracts for the largest areas.

In total, since the beginning of May this year, 11 new lease agreements have been signed in retail parks located in Timisoara, Vaslui, Turda and Mosnita. The Timisoara retail park was opened in May this year. In Romania, there are already two retail parks built by Scallier in 2021: in Rosiorii de Vede and in Focsani. In total, at the end of 2022, Scallier’s portfolio will include approximately 40,000 sq m. commissioned, lettable retail space located in Romanian retail parks. In 2023, Scallier plans further openings. All retail facilities developed by Scallier in Romania are certified under the ecological BREEAM certification system.

“Retail parks implemented by us in Romania provide the market with a diverse, unique offer, which includes stores of recognised international brands, as well as points of sale belonging to large Romanian companies or local entrepreneurs. This combination is not only very popular with customers, but in many cases, it is expected by them. Our facilities meet the needs of a wide range of consumers”, says Wojciech Jurga, Managing Partner at Scallier, responsible for the company’s development in the Romanian market.

Adrian Aleman, Development Director for the Romanian market at Scallier, adds: “The dynamic development of the retail park sector in Romania has been recently influenced by several factors: a pandemic and limitations in the operation of large retail facilities, the development of e-commerce and the complementarity of online commerce with the functions provided by retail parks, which are often collection points for goods ordered in the network, for example in the field of electronics and household appliances.”