Credit: Umdasch Shopfitting, Cheil

A Samsung Store as a Reference

Samsung’s store in Paris is a high-end shop for electronic products that sets standards for equipment and design. Umdasch Shopfitting is therefore proud to have been selected by the Korean company as a partner.

The Austrian firm Umdasch Shopfitting Group GmbH worked on the Samsung project together with the retail design agency Cheil in France. To ensure a perfect result, two teams sprang into action, continually visiting the ongoing construction site, taking exact measurements, and maintaining dialog with the architects. Umdasch Shopfitting also cooperated with a freelance partner to create a concept for Samsung from a single source. The goal was to create a store environment that blends perfectly with the products and reflects the DNA of the Korean Group: the focus is on round shapes, premium furnishings, and the latest technology.

In harmony with the corporate design

The store’s digital equipment is an undoubted highlight: electronic applications, screens, tablets, smart phones, watches, etc. Umdasch Shopfitting’s professional experience was needed to ensure adequate integration of the digital shop fittings into the physical shop building. In addition, numerous electricians were involved to ensure smooth implementation. The Austrian company has developed a store that harmonizes perfectly with Samsung’s corporate design and values.

In addition to the exciting project environment, there were also some challenges to tackle: The partners spent hours on the shop concept to find a solution that fit the requirements of a store custom-designed according to analyses of visitor flows while also passing muster with French regulators. There also turned out to be some obstacles that sprang from the neighboring concert hall, which remained in operation throughout. Concerts, tennis events, and many other functions sometimes made it difficult for the project staff to access the Samsung store. Umdasch Shopfitting nevertheless managed the on-time opening of this flagship project with premium furnishings and modern floor and lighting elements at the end of last year.


Credit: Umdasch Shopfitting, Cheil
Credit: Umdasch Shopfitting, Cheil


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