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Left: Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Credit: MAPIC | Right: Erik Engstrand, CEO of SAFE Asset Group. Credit: Erik Engstrand

Rx-France and Safe Asset Group partner for Mapic in Cannes for Health And Safety

MAPIC 2021 is focusing on the safety of its visitors with a COVID-19 protocol in place as primary safety priority, ensuring a commercial meeting point with world-class safety standards.

SAFE Asset Group, experts in Real estate certification and COVID-19 compliance, are partnering with RX-France to ensure strict safety standards.

Sean Mc Donnell, Operations Director says: “We will deliver a great MAPIC with robust, formalized sanitary protocols ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.”

After periods of lockdown, real estate executives and retailers from all over the world can look forward to meeting international investors and representatives from retail, food, and leisure brands with the peace of mind that they are doing business in a safe environment. 

Erik Engstrand, CEO of SAFE Asset Group comments that “ensuring a great commercial event and meetings is getting more important; we are proud to work with RX-France for MAPIC.”

The facilities and overall procedures of the 2021 MAPIC edition have undergone rigorous COVID-19 compliance evaluations according to international standards. These standards are adaptive to evolve depending on the health context and the government’s instructions at the time. SAFE Asset Group has validated the facilities’ COVID-19 Management Response Plan and all associated health protocols. 

The event has been given the all-clear with an official COVID-19 Compliance Certificate. This is in accordance with the reputable international SHORE (SAFE Hospitality, Office, Retail, and Exhibitions) standard.

Guests can rest assured that serious health protocols will be put in place at the event to ensure staff and visitor well-being. All health measures are in accordance with official health protocols, the UNIMEV repository, and RX-France standards.

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