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Rituals opens first mental relaxation spa in France on the Champs-Elysées

Rituals is currently represented in 36 countries with over 1000 stores. Now the brand is opening its first relaxation and well-being oasis in France.

The start of the brand’s wellness program was in 2020 in the House of Rituals in Amsterdam, a few weeks ago a Mind Oasis was opened in Antwerp. Now the preparations for the opening in the French capital are running at full speed for the opening on October 12, but also other implementations are on the program: Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 2023, Barcelona is to open in December 2023.
In Champs-Elysées 33, customers will in future be offered in the Mind Spa breathing exercises, 4D sound simulation and also vibrations that trigger brainwave stimulation and a deep meditative theta state in mental relaxation cabins. Hydromassage sessions use circular massage movements to miraculously release tension. Natural sounds and the scent of lavender, among others, support the treatments.

In addition to the treatments, there is also a 200 sq m store where skin care and wellness products are available for purchase.