Thomas Reichenauer, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ROS Outlet Shopping and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. Credit: ROS Outlet Shopping
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“Revenge Shopping” is coming soon

“Incorporating the latest trends and changes in shopping behavior in our managed outlets centers, they will be back stronger, driven by innovative glocal marketing.”

By Thomas Reichenauer

The pandemic situation is still serious, but there is hope that we will manage to come back to the “new normal ” in Central Europe by autumn and that further retail relaxations will soon follow. ROS Retail Outlet Shopping focuses on trading up, closer brand partner and community cooperation, digital transformation as well as preparing for “Revenge Shopping”. The idea of “Revenge Shopping” has already been proven true in China, where stores and malls have been reopened for months. The recent Manic Monday in the UK saw the unleashed demand for fashion and luxury goods as the lockdown entered a less restrictive phase and even US department stores had a sales increase driven by the first round of stimulus checks in January this year.

Outlet villages will have a clear advantage after the pandemic due to their concept: mainly open-air shopping, shopping experience, value for money and suburban locations. Incorporating the latest trends and changes in shopping behavior in our managed outlets centers, they will be back stronger, driven by innovative glocal marketing.Flexibility and timing—to be at the right time at the right place with the right message—are crucial. Make it unique, make it special. The pandemic is teaching us new lessons every day, but it also gives us opportunities. Let’s grab them!

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