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Credit: BALFIN Group

Retail Park, new business model of BALFIN Group, expected to spread across Albania

BALFIN Group will soon bring a new investment which in itself is an innovative concept in the ways of doing business. The project named Retail Park will represent the construction of a commercial building, but not only, it will also include joint public facilities and green spaces.

Korça, the city of serenades and culture is going to be the one that will raise the bar of this business model. Part of this shopping centre will be 4 brands already known for the consumer, which have been selected to meet the main everyday demands of the consumer’s life by providing quality products from key sectors such as food, electronics, fashion, children’s toys, interior design etc.

The building offers a variety of shop choices, the same as in shopping malls, but in a building with a more consolidated structure, thus giving more free space at the service of citizens.

Retail Park also represents the first investment of its kind in the city of Korça but at the same time in this area of ​​Albania, which despite the abundance of traditions and opportunities it offers, has suffered for a long time the lack of serious investments in this category. Furthermore, the project will take place in an area where currently the investments have not been very large, located at the entrance of the city, near the new interurban bus terminal. In this way, the aim is to lay the foundations for the requalification of the whole area, turning the facility in question into a real catalyst for development for the entire city of Korça.

This investment is expected to end in early 2022 and will be the only one of its kind because the Retail Park model will be later extended by BALFIN Group to other cities in Albania, such as Vlora, Elbasan, Tirana, and so on.

With the project completion and making of the centre functional and operational, 90 new jobs will be created immediately for the city of Korça and its surroundings.

Located in an area of ​​7124 m², the building structure will be of a light weighted material construction, an ideal combination in respect of nature and urban characteristics of the city. Its novelty is that it places under the same shelter, next to each other, the most popular brands in the country and abroad. It is expected to affect significantly and positively the rapid development of all businesses in the area and at the same time facilitate and improve the lives of citizens in those cities where there is a lack of shopping malls so that they are not always forced to travel to the capital. Retail Park will be managed by ACREM, the company that manages the two largest shopping malls in Albania, TEG and QTU.


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